With my skills in the entire Adobe Creative Suite, I can also create logos, templates, websites, and more that perfectly present your unique company in a creative way.

Mac OSX Application


Business Software

Simple yet efficient, Invoicing is best suited for small companies and independent workers to create professional invoices in few clicks!

Mac OSX Application


Library Management Database

Ideal library database software to review your book stock sheets on your computer, thanks to Amazon Web Service, the world largest media database.

Branding, Website, e-Shop


Jewelry Online Boutique

Velero is a brand of unique and elegant jewelry brought to life by two brothers who share a passion for sailing the world and the world of sailing.

Branding, Website, Portfolio


Personal Portfolio

As a certified jeweler, I have been building my profile of custom designs created by hand and by the revolutionary technology of 3D printing.

Dashboard, Custom work

Web Applications & Dashboards

Thanks to the flexibility of modern internet browsers, I can build custom web content for your activity. Start to work on your favorite browser.

Wordpress, Theme, Custom work

Wordpress Custom Themes

WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web. Feel free to contact me to request a custom theme that will fit your needs.

In need of custom work? Please feel free to drop me a line !